Our Horses

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Azahari born 2005. 164cm (16hh) chestnut, Pure bred Lusitano stallion from Emergosol Lusitanos.

His nickname is Marshmallow as he is so comfortable to ride.
Totally photogenic as he is such a stunning horse and a great schoolmaster with a wonderful canter half-pass!

For sale €3,500


Fihenza born 2010. 165 (16.05hh) Lusitana mare from the famous Alter Real Stud.

She is a real sweetie and progressing well with her training.
She has a fabulous long and relaxed movement that is needing time to grow into herself slowly so that we will end up with a superstar for the future.


Kaya born 1996. 164 (16hh) Lusitano x Haflinger gelding.

He is one of our older working horses and a super-safe trekking horse, but carries himself really well in his schooling so suitable for all levels of riders who want to work on the rider’s seat as he is so comfortable.


Orquidea (Dolly) born 1995. 157cm (15.2hh) PC* mare.

Dolly enjoys her hacking and so this is what she does now that she is a bit older. 
Very comfortable to ride and still with a superb collected canter!


Secret   Secret

Segredo born 2002. 159cm (15.3hh) PC* gelding.

On permanent loan to us and a super horse for giving confidence both in the school and out hacking.
He is very capable and works at an advanced level but remains very calm.
A great horse for having lunge lessons on with such a smooth canter and immediate strike off from walk that makes the rider feel the canter movement correctly.
He also jumps too... but not too high!
Established in his lateral work, flying changes and piaffe, but calm enough even for complete beginners to ride.


Ubiquitous Ashley (Mr. Ash) born 2001. 164cm (15.3hh) grey PC* gelding.

He rides bigger than his size and is a real baroque type horse with 3 excellent paces all of which he can collect and extend.
He is fully established in all lateral movements, piaffe and passage, though he does struggle a bit with flying changes still.
Not for the novice rider but super for riders with an independent seat and quiet hands (my personal favourite! ... other than Bayou of course!)
He gives exactly what you ask for, even if you ask for something you didn't think you had! It is a case of listen to the horse and he will tell you what you have asked for.

Uzzy     Uzzy

Urzais (Uzzy Bear) born 2001. 167cm (16.1hh) dark brown PC* gelding. 

He is a most gentle horse and great to learn on as he is very expressive and tells the rider (and instructor) when they are correct. 
Retired from jumping, but still great for lessons and pole work. 


V-Tinkerbell born 2002. 149cm (14.3hh) grey PC* mare. 

She is great for lessons and riding out, and is the best horse here for working in hand.  At a demonstration she was doing travers in hand and the commentator suggested we try renvers – she just did it straight away!! 
A little superstar that jumps small fences for novice riders as well!

             Bayou and Zorra have both gone to wonderful local loan homes here in Southern Portugal where they are much loved and enjoying life with their new carers.
Evie now sold and we wish her new owner lots of fun
PC* Portuguese Cruzado/a horses are those that are of known Lusitano parents but without papers; or those of unknown but Portuguese breeding; – so generally are very much like Lusitanos but cannot be called such.